Where I’d rather be 💕

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There are countless amount of places I can’t wait to travel to! I’ve done a good amount of traveling for a recent college grad considering I was in school full time since I graduated high school plus the fact that the jobs I’ve obtained haven’t been too overly generous with my paycheck! Surprisingly (even to myself) I still don’t even have a passport! I go out of the country on cruises but I would like to experience staying in another country for an extended period of time via flight. I can’t wait for my chance, I’ll make sure my trip is full of excursions and will be documented.
1. Giraffe Manor in Kenya, Africa (they come eat breakfast with you through your window! How cool is that?!)

2. Leshan Giant Buddha in China

3. Blue Lagoon, Iceland ( I can’t help but wonder how cold the walk is back to your room once you leave the comfort of the heated springs

4. Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba, Indonesia


Natural Beauty


Nature is so effortlessly beautiful! Humans have to remember that we need the environment way more than it needs us, heck it honestly would’ve way better off without all of our construction, destruction and pollution! Respect the Earth!!