Gentle GiantsΒ 


Beautiful gentle giants I can’t wait to encounter, seriously just wanna hug them and take selfies. I grew up watching only Animal Planet and Food Network so no wonder these creatures own my heart. If I could work at a zoo or wildlife park with one on one experiences with animals I would for a year!


Natural Beauty


Nature is so effortlessly beautiful! Humans have to remember that we need the environment way more than it needs us, heck it honestly would’ve way better off without all of our construction, destruction and pollution! Respect the Earth!!

Sushi Donuts



Don’t be discouraged by the name of this dish! I know Krispy Kreme and raw fish don’t sound like a very appeasing duo but rest assured that this product will leave you sushi lovers’ mouth watering! The sushi donut only carries the shape of the donut but the vibrantly colorful, fresh, flavorful ingredients of a sushi roll. This could be the solution to those of you who just can’t quite get the concept of chopsticks down! California is raving over these so make sure you grab one!

Ice Cream Roll Up



I have been seeing pictures of this creation floating around Instagram. I don’t know what’s more enticing, watching how they are creating or drooling over the final product. You can tell just how fresh this desert is as they make it right in front of you customizing it the way you choose. I mainly see people in NY post it but I heard there’s a spot in Orlando that serves it as well! A hot summer is approaching and I definitely have to get my hands on this treat!

Munchies are real

  1. Burrito Gallery’s shrimp and curry chicken tacos
  2. Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang fish
  3. Sugar factory’s Sampler
  4. Miami Beach’s fried Calamari and zucchini
  5. Miami Beach’s chips and nacho cheese shrimp and pepper dip
  6. Wasabi’s shrimp tempura and smoked salmon roll

I loved all of these! You should try to find one near you!

April 2017


So currently I’m a University of Florida graduate as of December 2016. I moved back home to Jacksonville, Fl. My major was Telecommunication Production ( Journalism involved). A dream job would be to be a Travel Writer (One who gets paid to travel and document their experience), to host a show – Entertainment, Travel, or Food, or to be an actress, YES I’m reaching for all 3 goals. I can see that it’s easier said than done but there’s no better time to start than now so I am taking gradual steps toward these 3 goals. I believe with ambition and steady dedication to reach these goals I will be successful. I’m just trying to figure out the best ways to go about these plans for long-term success and with the internet being such an free, easy access, community contributing asset in my life I know I’ll be able to achieve them! So enjoy the glow up, I plan to make big things happen, & I’ll even write a book about it afterwards. The goal is not to be rich financially but spiritually! I just was to be self-fulfilled!