Try something new 😋


Recently I’ve came across a couple dishes that I’ve never seen before but I’m almost certain they taste amazing! Lol you know how they just LOOK like their aroma will suffocate you with goodness and you’ll scarf down everything in a matter of minutes? Yeah that’s what kind of vibes I’m getting from these dishes!

1. Vietnamese traditional dishes: BBQ pork, egg rolls, grilled shrimp, baked egg, fried shrimp cake

2. Fried lobster

3. Hawaiian dish


Pizza Cake 🍕 


Take a stop at Bowlmor Bowling Alley in NYC to try the deeply dished pizza! It looks DELICIOUS, I would stuff it with pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers & mushrooms! 😋

Rainbow Crepe Cake 🌈 


Have you seen this creation yet?! It’s been floating around and I think it looks pretty cool! It’s definitely entertaining to watch it be made even tho it’s a tedious job creating and icing layers repeatedly it’s still amazes me with every layer cooked and my mouth waters at the final product! I have to get my hands on a slice of this cake! I would even love to try and make one myself!