April 2017


So currently I’m a University of Florida graduate as of December 2016. I moved back home to Jacksonville, Fl. My major was Telecommunication Production ( Journalism involved). A dream job would be to be a Travel Writer (One who gets paid to travel and document their experience), to host a show – Entertainment, Travel, or Food, or to be an actress, YES I’m reaching for all 3 goals. I can see that it’s easier said than done but there’s no better time to start than now so I am taking gradual steps toward these 3 goals. I believe with ambition and steady dedication to reach these goals I will be successful. I’m just trying to figure out the best ways to go about these plans for long-term success and with the internet being such an free, easy access, community contributing asset in my life I know I’ll be able to achieve them! So enjoy the glow up, I plan to make big things happen, & I’ll even write a book about it afterwards. The goal is not to be rich financially but spiritually! I just was to be self-fulfilled!