Rainbow Crepe Cake 🌈 


Have you seen this creation yet?! It’s been floating around and I think it looks pretty cool! It’s definitely entertaining to watch it be made even tho it’s a tedious job creating and icing layers repeatedly it’s still amazes me with every layer cooked and my mouth waters at the final product! I have to get my hands on a slice of this cake! I would even love to try and make one myself!


Ice Cream Roll Up



I have been seeing pictures of this creation floating around Instagram. I don’t know what’s more enticing, watching how they are creating or drooling over the final product. You can tell just how fresh this desert is as they make it right in front of you customizing it the way you choose. I mainly see people in NY post it but I heard there’s a spot in Orlando that serves it as well! A hot summer is approaching and I definitely have to get my hands on this treat!